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What we sell. We proudly offer Manitowoc products: America's number one selling brand of ice machines. Manitowoc has been an Energy Star award winner for 7 years straight. Since its inception in 1964, Manitowoc Ice, Inc. has been on the cutting edge of technology and conservation. The Manitowoc Ice team is committed to providing products that not only satisfy customer needs but also add value to the equipment investment by reducing costs and emphasizing food safety. Building the perfect ice machine has never been easy, but inside-of-the-box thinking is just what you've come to expect from Manitowoc Ice.

Leasing. Shelley Leasing Inc. offers leasing of all Manitowoc and KoolAire equipment as well as sales. Our lease/rental Agreement offers one low monthly price for the ice machine and anything it would need. We provide maintenance, cleaning, parts, installation and water filters. If your machine ends up failing, we will remove and replace it for you. We are a family owned and operated business that stands behind our products and takes pride in our customer service.

Popular Items

Designed for operators who know that ice is critical to their business. Manitowoc Ice Cuber ice machines deliver clear cubed ice with maximum cooling efficiency.

cuber ice

These compact ice cube machines are ideal for small-volume ice production. Specifically designed to fit beneath counters or in areas where floor space or height restrictions prohibit use of larger equipment.


Highly reliable flaker ice machines that deliver small, soft pieces of ice. These are ideal for presentation applications in retail and other operations. 

flaker ice
Storage Bins

Manitowoc offers 12 different ice storage bin options for the ice making heads. Additionally, there are countless accessories to complement all ice machines.


The shape of ice has everything to do with its intended purpose. A softer, chewable ice texture makes these machines perfect for dispensing blended beverages. 

nugget ice
Other Products

There are many other products we can provide for you manufactured by Manitowoc and Koolaire. To see a full product list go to these links:

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