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At Shelley Leasing, we have unparalleled service and maintenance. We have a staff large enough to give same-day service to those in need. We are also the contracted Manitowoc service representatives in the Central Illinois area. Our service extends to Galesburg, Bloomington, Peoria, Havana, Chillicothe, and other surrounding areas. Though we are contracted through Manitowoc, we provide service for all makes and models of ice makers such as Scotsman, Hoshizaki, Follett, and Ice-O-Matic. Our company was founded in Central Illinois and we genuinely care about this area and our customers. We guarantee satisfaction when dealing with Shelley Leasing. 


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When leasing a machine with us, we will provide regular maintenance cleaning. Shelley Leasing Inc. provides what is called comprehensive cleaning which goes beyond the regular "pour some product in it." We take apart the ice machine and clean it from the inside out with each part taken into consideration. This will help your machine last longer and run more efficiently. 


When leasing or purchasing from Shelley Leasing Inc, we will install your ice machine as soon as possible. We want to ensure your business has access to ice whenever you need it. Shelley Leasing can install and uninstall any brand of ice machine if need be. Whether you are switching soda products and just need a temporary uninstall/reinstall, or are getting a brand new piece of equipment, we are there to help.


If you need parts for your ice machine, we can help you obtain and replace or repair them. Shelley Leasing has dealers on call to help you with whatever the situation may be. If your machine has failed completely, we will remove and replace it for you. We can obtain parts for all brands. When it comes to Manitowoc, we often have the parts with us and if not, we can get them faster than anyone in the area.


When your ice machine goes down, it can be a serious problem. Most businesses that utilize Shelley Leasing run the type of business that needs ice to operate. We understand these situations and will do everything we can to ensure you don't run out of ice. When leasing with Shelley, we can guarantee it.

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